"Bro, I’m Telling You, The Date Was Going Well, And Then She Straight Up Turned Into A Latias."


my head hurts and i’m lonely and tired and now my stupid step sister is over with her loud, obnoxious demon child


total nerds


when you type your password in thinking its wrong but turns out to be correct



The: I Realized I Had A Second Set Of DMMd Phone Charms That I Won’t Use Giveaway :0basically just what it says i already have a set on my phone and i found this and? ? ?? it needs a new homehte rules:-only reblogs-dont have to follow-i will ship anywhere ayy-one winner gets the entire seti think thats it tbh let me know if i forgot smth idk its just a small giveaway nothin big so yeit ends Aug 22 on friday at 11:59pm EST so basically midnightgo and reblog to ur hearts content but dont spam ur followers